Manon échec au roi, Un roman grafique

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She is a young Parisian who studies at a prestigious academy for elite athletes. Manon has a lot of talent, but her life is destroyed the day she has an accident during training. It is then that Manon discovers the evil intentions of Troussard, the academy’s director. Her best friend Chloé, and Nathanaël, a mysterious scientist, will help her get revenge. We are immersed in a gripping adventure: Manon, l’échec au roi, the story of a puppet who decides to cut her strings …

This story comes with comprehension activities and a multilingual glossary (German, English, Spanish and Italian). The answers can be downloaded free of charge from the platform:


  • Comic books to learn French through the engaging stories featuring Manon
  • An exciting main character: a former top-level athlete who decides to take reveng after an accident by becoming a burglar…
  • High-quality illustrations that capture the interest of students
  • Numerous activities to help learners use the vocabulary from the story
  • Culture notes related to the story
  • Glossaries (English, German, Italian and Spanish) and answer keys available free of charge on Espace virtuel