Les perles de Pyla + CD : Reader and Audio CD

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Discover the Intrigues policières series: captivating stories with a different region at the core of every plot to facilitate easy and enhance students’ French language learning experience!


For many years, the Flaubert family has been farming oysters in the area, but a virus has destroyed the whole production. Émilie and her family are desperate… Where does this epidemic come from? Is it the consequence of pollution? Or some jealous local oyster farmer? Émilie and her brother decide to start their own investigation, but they are about to discover something terrible on the dune of Pyla…

 The book includes:

  • A map of France showing the location of the Pyla
  • Avant lecture section to familiarize the readers with the Pyla’s characteristics and encourage them to speculate about the story
  • Comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises, and other fun activities
  • Activities from Projet internet and Réflexion culturelle that require research for information about the Pyla, while offering an intercultural perspective
  • A cultural Dossier that presents the Pyla’s tourist attractions, characteristics, and gastronomy
  • Multilingual glossary in English, Spanish and Italian
  • Audio CD with a dramatized reading of the story