Le monstre du Poitou + CD : Reader and Audio CD

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Discover the Intrigues policières series: captivating stories with a different region at the core of every plot to facilitate easy and enhance students’ French language learning experience!


The marshlands of the Poitou region are haunted by a monster who brings misfortune to anyone who sees it. Is it mere superstition? Marc and Thomas try to solve the mystery at their own risk.

 The book includes:

  • A map of France showing the location of the Poitou region
  • Avant lecture section to familiarize the readers with the Poitou’s characteristics and encourage them to speculate about the story
  • Comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises, and other fun activities
  • Activities from Projet internet and Réflexion culturelle that require research for information about the Poitou region, while offering an intercultural perspective
  • A cultural Dossier that presents the Poitou’s tourist attractions, characteristics and gastronomy
  • Multilingual glossary in English, Spanish and Italian
  • Audio CD with a dramatized reading of the story