Cap sur… 2: Workbook

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The Cap sur… 2 student’s book is a component of Cap sur…, our collection for children.

• The fun and original concept is perfect for children.
• The core of this 3-level series revolves around the adventures of a delightful French family who are accompanied by Gaston the pigeon, a fun and engaging mascot.
• It offers a progressive approach, simple and illustrated instructions, and a variety of learning tools (illustrated mind maps, visual grammar guides, and so on).
• Its playful side is fully integrated in the student’s book: authentic videos, songs composed specially for the textbook, games, creative culminating tasks involving crafts, and more…
• The collection challenges learners to be creative.
• Colorful artwork and attractive illustrations inspired by children’s literature spark children’s imaginations as they learn.
• The collection has an open, global perspective and a broad cultural and intercultural focus.
• It offers an overview of different Francophone countries and regions: France, Canada, Guadeloupe, Senegal, Vietnam, New Caledonia and Belgium.
• The font and format are adapted to meet the needs of all students.