Cap sur… 3: Student Bundle

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Cap sur… 3 – Student’s book 

The Cap sur… 3 student’s book is a component of Cap sur…, our collection for children.

  • The core of this 3-level series revolves around the adventures of a delightful French family who are accompanied by Gaston the pigeon, a fun and engaging mascot.
  • Cap sur… 3 student’s book consists of 7 units including a review unit (Unité 0). 
  • It offers a progressive approach, simple and illustrated instructions, and a variety of learning tools (illustrated mind maps, visual grammar guides, and so on).
  • Its playful side is fully integrated in the student’s book: authentic videos, songs composed specially for the textbook, games, creative culminating tasks involving crafts, and more…
  • It offers an overview of different Francophone countries and regions: France, Canada, Guadeloupe, Senegal, Vietnam, New Caledonia and Belgium.

Cap sur… 3 – The French Hub 12 month license including:

  • Interactive Textbook, a fully digital version of the student’s book
  • Interactive Activities, a fully digital version of a traditional Student Activities Manual (SAM)
  • Songs and karaoke version
  • Teacher’s Guides
  • Assessments
  • Games and Worksheets
  • Videos and accompanying Worksheets
  • Picture and Word Cards
  • And MUCH more 
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