MyFrenchHub is designed with a clear purpose in mind: to improve teaching and learning experiences in education environments (for DÉFI FRANCOPHONE and Cap sur…) with engaging content and helpful, user-friendly tools


MyFrenchHub is a tool designed for all types of classes, including face-to-face courses, 100% digital courses, as well as hybrid courses. It also facilitates the creation of effective and motivating flipped classes.

It offers easy access to a vast array of material in various formats to allow educators to plan quality classes and assign online homework and help students better grasp and practice concepts, build their skills, develop cultural insights, and meet learning objectives.

We are always by your side!

#1. Onboarding

We can create customized learning environments for institutions that need them. With one click, students can have access to the digital products and resources that their establishment has chosen for their classes.

#2. Instructor Accounts

In addition to your instructor account, we offer you access to a student account in order to better understand their experience when they use digital resources, what they see when you share exercises with them, etc.

#3. Supporting resources

Throughout the year, we will make many tools available to you (user guides, video tutorials, etc.) in order to support you in the use of our digital tools.

#4. Personalized support

We offer efficient and personalized support, according to your needs. Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions and help you get started using our digital tools.

#5. User support

Our Customer Service and Technical Support specialist Brie Kawalek is available year-round for any technical questions.

How to access MyFrenchHub?

Two solutions:

> Your students have the printed book bundle + Cap sur… or Défi francophone license

> Your students have only a digital license purchased on

In both instances, the instructor’s license is included.