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#1. Choose your textbook

Choose the textbook you use with your classes and then create your student groups.

#2. Design and teach a course

Enjoy an attractive and very easy-to-use digital textbook, ideal for classroom projection or for use in distance learning. All audio and video files, as well as additional resources (self-correcting exercises, glossaries, teaching guides, answers, etc.) are integrated into the digital manual and accessible with one click.

Follow our comprehensive digital lesson plans. They combine all of the resources that you can integrate into the teaching sequence of your textbook.

Take advantage of all the features. Share and assign self-correcting exercises, create resource lists, track the progress of your students, and more.

#3. Take advantage of the many resources

Grammaclips (animated clips that present grammar points in a simple and fun way), Courts-métrages and Microfilms (videos that model various communicative situations), and Lexvilles (inspired by the world of video games) to practice vocabulary. All of our videos are accompanied by self-correcting exercises and activity sheets.

C’est d’actualité
Twice a month, you will find a new authentic article with didactic support including activities related to the theme and the language, guided reading sheets, mind maps, etc.

Materials to be projected, such as excerpts from mots de la rue (graffiti, posters, etc.) and interactive grammar sheets.

Interactive exercises
More than 2,000 self-correcting exercises so that students can work autonomously and according to their own needs, on the various sociolinguistic objectives and content.

#4. Your continuing education

Our pedagogical specialists regularly suggest activities and ideas for your classes, advice on how to use Educational ICT (Information and Communication Technology) tools, press articles, conferences and podcasts, etc., as well as archives of our face-to-face and online training.

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